Table 1.0





Since the Attributes shown in Table 1.0 switch the screen mode between HIRES and TEXT, the ratio need not be restricted to that of BASIC's HIRES mode.

The switch to HIRES/TEXT configuration can take many formats as illustrated in Table 2.0.

The Greyed out area cannot be used since HIRES would then overlap into TEXT memory!

The simplest form of inlay is that illustrated in Example1 where the switch to HIRES occurs at the top of the page. The actual attribute (31) though, should be placed in the bottom right corner of the screen at location 49119 (#BFDF).

Though don't try this yet since you must set the HIRES/TEXT switch first. Choose your location for the switch back to text by using this line and replacing Y with the height (in pixels) you desire..

POKE 40999+40*Y,26

This same line can be used for Example 2 but the poke to switch to HIRES should exist in the TEXT area of memory.

Example 3 is a little more complex, since it requires TEXT to the left of the HIRES area.

Unlike the previous two examples, one must switch back and forth to TEXT/HIRES for every pixel line!


Switch to TEXT Mode 60 Hz


Switch to TEXT Mode 60 Hz


Switch to TEXT Mode 50 Hz


Switch to TEXT Mode 50 Hz


Switch to HIRES Mode 60 Hz


Switch to HIRES Mode 60 Hz


Switch to HIRES Mode 50 Hz


Switch to HIRES Mode 50 Hz

Table 2.0

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4


This also applies to Example 4 and in some ways, this example is easier to work out (And understand!).

To create inlays and view the code required, download HIRES INLAY CREATOR (hic.tap), its only 1.5K