The ORIC draws 5 Volts for its power although the input Power socket requires 9 volts 600mA supply.

The Heat sink device regulates the 9 volts input to 5 volts DC output.



The RESET button does not reset the processor but instead, acts upon the NMI line of the 6522. As its name suggests (Non Maskable Interrupt), this reset cannot be ignored but will halt the 6502 from what it is presently doing and redirect it to start execution at an address held in #FFFE of ORIC Memory. This, of course is ROM memory, inaccessible to a system without DISC drives as was the case for some years. Fortunately, the boys at ORIC placed a page 2 address in this location thereby bringing it back to RAM. The location of the first executable location differs between the ORIC1 and ATMOS. I am not sure about the location on the TELESTRAT (Successor of the ORIC).

On the ORIC1 (V1.0) it is #022B whilst on the ATMOS it is #0247.