OK, so the ORIC fraternity never did see the light of day for games such as Lemmings, GULP (Full version) or a decent Shoot-em-up. Games that i promised to deliver but promptly never heard of again.

I, like so many ORICIANS, tend to jump from one project to another. Wow! wouldn't Head over Heals look great on the ORIC, it should be possible Dave, I will see what i can do.... and then nothing, since I have now lost interest and moved on to DOOM for the ORIC or some other project.

So although i tend to jump from Project to project, and many games get no further than screen-shots or a demo, i have finished a few games over the years. And that is what i want to do in the future. Magazines like OUM and CEO may get utterly confused with promised titles that never appear, but my aim has always been to produce something impressive and different and if this means jumping from project to project, then so be it!

In retrospect, however, too many games were half completed and for the track record, the rest of this page is dedicated to detailing my attempts at writing some of the short-falls and failures...



I worked on the sprites, having written CHED2 (Which is available in the utilities section of this site) and came up with some acceptable animation's.

I also began to write the Machine code to control 64 of the blighters in TEXT mode. This being easier to work with. I got stuck around the mixing bit. Where one LEMMING is expected to pass behind or in front of another.

I didn't manage to get the routines to run, nor to create any screen shots.

LEMMINGS is still on the cards, although now, with less enthusiasm than at the time!


The game was started around 1988 and a few versions exist today. They do not have any music and very few sound effects since i wanted to keep the game to 48K and SONIX music was just too big (16K regardless of music length!).

NEGULP was also written, in the vain hope that that would be finished with music. It was not, although lacks just the sound element. This game can be downloaded from the Demonstrations Page of this site.


TETRIS II was to be a two player version of TETRIS, as found on the AMIGA and PC. With each player being raised a line every time the other cleared one. Other new elements were introduced. I think i have a screen shot somewhere and i did a little code for it but that was all.


Designed around the same time, and taking many elements of TETRIS II idea but for the two player version of the ever popular DPANIC game for the ORIC. Again, some code was done, and a Screen shot does exist (Including the different TEXT screens for each section of the game (Hi-score/Game/Title/Instructions)).


Now a game does exist, although begins to corrupt towards the end of the data set up for it. The game can be found in the Demonstrations Section of this site (For download). This game does not have any sound effects.