Update (By Jede) : Wurlde picture changed (Better quality and smaller size)
Some changes in this file and wurlde file

Uploaded Magnetix Level Editors, Sonix 4.00 + Manuals, Oric Delighte Demo and Times of Lore Demo.

OK, next update, finally managed to locate the Wurlde demo, which is now uploaded. And the Sonix Demo, SoundTracker Demo and first Tivoli Demo.

Hmmm, 2 years later and i've finally uploaded to a new area! Thankyou Jede for all your hardwork in making this site possible again. Their is No change for the moment, except for the lack of icons in the bottom frame and the broken links everywhere. This site will resume normality after a while though.

Forget a while, it's been 4 months since i updated this site! Have updated the Rhetoric link. Also the Freeserve site (Which mirrored this site) has now been removed because of management overload!

Oooer, its been a while since i uploaded anything hasn't it! Sorry, busy playing PC Games (Aaargh!). Have finally managed to compile a working version of ZIPNZAP in .TAP format which you will now find in games/zipnzap (Surprisingly).

SoundTracker and Seperate SED Sample Editor now downloadable.

Ooops, again it would appear that a link was not established to Sonix Files. Sorted!

Oooer, appeared to have missed out a load of pages and images in the HARDWARE section that were already on my local site. Presentation page also updated and at last, The Samples have been uploaded (4 Disks in all in 2 Megs) phew!!

Bloomin Eck!!, i'm almost getting as bad as DD with my infrequent updates.. OK, Due to someone reminding me, have enabled downloads on the top row of utilities.

Finally replaced Left menu with faster and more legible graphix. Being Flashy is one thing but it had been taken a bit too far.

Updated Utilities... Now fully populated... note that the instructions and downloads are not valid. At present, selecting the Instructions will download EDITOR3 instructions!!, oh well downloads will become available soon.

Back again once more and about time too... but thats what you get with an Active ORIC programmer You cannot expect both WEBSITE and ORIC Stuff to appear at the same time. Anyway, Am now proud to release HIDE, a new graphics Editor. Also updated Utilites Screen and soon will update articles again.

Aha, the dreaded flu is back again, ah well. Managed to get HIRES INLAY CREATOR available for download though. Also, All of games are now downloadable and utilities MUSED and SONIX downloadable and reviewed. Finally, LINKS page has been centred for non-frame users.

Old Games and ZIPNZAP pages updated with associated downloadable discs. And Finally, the music changes. A Piece of music for every Page from the menu plus music in FRAMES page matches that in no-frames page.

GAMES page updated and fully populated. Top row in games page is downloadable through links except for OLD games.

New Sound Tracker Music files section. New Sample Players section. Nothing to download yet though...

Here come the downloads...
In the form of MUSED and SONIX music Files in the AUDIO section of the site. If you want a file that i have removed, then e-mail me!

Replaced index with new look site welcome screen. Unfortunately losing links to download sections of the site, but now allowing NETSCAPE owners to view new site, so new No frames page. Can now remove old site to retrieve memory space but will place links back to downloads soon.

Just found the DPANICII Screen Shot so uploaded it into the Promises page in Articles. Thats all for the moment..

New 'Promises' page under Articles

New WURLDE article (Under Articles). Not alot but will be updated.
Galleries Wurlde Part II and Inlays now uploaded... phew...

Denis Bonfield is now on-line, so now know how to spell his name right! Updated visited link colours and new Article sub-menu. This meens that all the Main headings are now accessable! Also Updated Wurlde gallery part 1 under the Graphics heading.

Updated Graphics/Gallery