The last of the current WURLDE screens including the Perspective drafts for The dungeons section of the WURLDE game and the original WURLDE Screenshot (What the player will see).

These inlays are the most recent ones that I have been able to convert.

Notice that the images using CYAN are inversed to provide a greater colour palette and as mentioned elsewhere, the main character will appear to walk behind anything inversed.

Notice also that the same two pictures are alot smaller than the others. Characters within the game will vary in size enormously!



I love Drawing these screens. Although as each wall picture came closer, it did become a little tedious!

There are many more frames than those shown on this page. The ones shown here just illustrate some example scenes.







The doorways may vary according to the scene. Older, less used corridors might just have plain square openings, whereas newer, often populated corridors will be arched.

Notice that at the furthest point, the corridor dwindles into the darkness. Many games bring this fading far closer, to make the game that much more taxing. I want to keep a deep view so that one can plan more and not get too lost!

These are special doorways. Opened by way of a key or Pass.On the real Oric, the background behind the door appears as Green on Black. This was accidental and yet gives incentive to the player to try to find the key!

Some areas may be shielded by impenetrable darkness, due to some magical force or other.

Also, I don't want Dungeons to be limited to a single level. As the ground above changes in height, so further levels above or below be created.



There may also be secret doorways as shown below. Although appearing to the naked eye as a solid wall, pressure upon the inset wall on the other side might cause the wall to open up.

I also want to use more colours since this is HIRES.



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