The game is based around WURLDE. A Land occupied by many different creatures but overwhelmed by the presence of a dark Evil Beast called BIRIST (Beast spirit).

Birist, for many centuries lived beneath ground, in the UNDERWURLDE but now, he has tired of the darkness and is seeking power in the OVERLAND. This was governed by the wizards of old who dwelt in a great castle overseeing the valley of Calgaroth.

Now it seems (To the locals), that they have forsaken and fled the land. Unbeknownst to them though, they have actually been defending the land, fighting BIRIST with all the magic they can muster.

But the power of BIRIST is growing. The Dwarves have, for many years, been enslaved to carry out the work of BIRIST, and have now begun to enslave the OVERLAND, on the edges of CALGAROTH.

Wurlde is a fairly recent project that began about 5 years ago with just a few screens drawn up for fun using HIRES inlays.

It has developed since then, and now has the beginnings of a storyline, 65 HIRES Inlay Screens, A Demo of one Scenario and an abundance of different game-play styles planned.

Whether the idea and data will ever culminate in a finished game is any ones guess.

The ORIC PROJECT (Details on the LINKS page) was set up initially to handle the WURLDE Project, although the group decision was made to concentrate efforts on a smaller Project (Currently an ORIC version of WORMS!!).

Initially planned as a 2000 release, The "Smaller Project" is still in its early stages of development and so, the group is unlikely to move onto WURLDE for some time.

Little is known about BIRIST, no one has seen him or her or it, only heard the great hammers pounding away in UNDERWURLDE, forging weapons for his minions.

What is known is an ancient law, a law that has kept WURLDE together since its birth amongst the stars. This Law tells of two factions. Evil and Good, neither can be greater than the other but one can oversee the other, one can appear the greater trait.

BIRIST is the centre of the Evil whilst five Spheres hold the power of Good. These alone are of little benefit to WURLDE, but when put together, will drive BIRIST out of the land he seeks to overthrow.

As with many ancient laws, they only go so far as to mention five spheres. No mention is made as to the size of them, what they are made of or where they may be found. The Wizards may know, or the Storyline!

But without them together, BIRIST will endeavour to take the land for itself!

Further images for Wurlde can be found in the GRAPHICS section of this site. The storyline will be made available as soon as it is drafted whilst styles of the game can be found here soon!