Sound on the ORIC is produced by the AY-3-8912. A dedicated 3 Channel programmable Sound Generator (PSG).

In its BASIC configuration, it can deliver 3 channels (Square wave only) with a single envelope to control one or multiple channels. Alternatively, the volume can be set to any one of 16 levels.

ORIC BASIC supports sound through the use of 7 commands. PLAY sets up the envelope for control over one or multiple channels. MUSIC allows the setting of Notes for individual channels whilst SOUND will set the pitch of a channel rather than the note. Both latter commands can also specify Volume or control under an Envelope.

Finally, there are four in built Sound effects. ZAP, SHOOT, EXPLODE and PING.

Sending Data to the PSG

MUSED Music Files

SONIX Music Files


Sample Batch Files

Music Players

Sample Players

BASIC Sound Effect Routines